About AcreDogs


Our Story

Rachael created AcreDogs last January when she was given box of 6 puppies. Determined to save and re-home each one of them, she began the healing process. Rachael was completely surprised to learn that this was the hardest part of the entire process! Once healthy enough, they were each picked out by amazing new families, and taken home to various cities in the US and Canada.

Rachael realized then, that as long as people were willing to open up their hearts and homes to adopt these pups, she would do everything she could to keep rescuing them.

These puppies are usually found in pretty rough situations. We have rescued from sewer pipes and abandoned cars, from the side of the road or the middle of the desert. There is no shortage of pups in need.

These puppies are then raised on Acre’s property. Paradise. They are on 25 acres of organic farmland. With many people, other farm animals, birds, trees, and fields to run in, this environment allows them to relax and grow confident, in a safe space.

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